Supreme Garcinia Max Reviews – Does it Work for Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most popular topic among men and women today as more and more terminal diseases are linked to obesity and the Supreme Garcinia Max Sensation supplement claims to have a solution for just that. Imagine a supplement that will help you magically lose weight, feel great, and suppress appetite with minimal to no change in your diet or exercise. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, I have decided to do in-depth research of the supplement and help you determine if it’s just the latest weight loss SCAM or the “magic pill” we’ve all been waiting for.

What is Supreme Garcinia Max and Where is it From?

The official website, as well as numerous others, openly share what the actual plant is, where it is from, and how makers of the supplement discovered and decided to turn it into a weight loss supplement. Supreme Garcinia Max is a pumpkin-shaped fruit that is green to pale yellow. It is found in the exotic jungles throughout Southeast Asia and has been eaten raw or used to flavor food by locals for years. It doesn’t necessarily say why this has caught their attention but it does go on to discuss that the makers were determined to uncover the secrets of the fruit and in turn make the local weight loss legend a reality (as it turns out the fruit is actually a legend in Southeast Asia for weight loss). Considering the different cultures and overall different body structures and ways of life it is hard to believe that what has an effect on locals in Southeast Asia will also have the same effect for the “Westerners” that exercise much less, eat very unhealthy, and lead overall unhealthy lives. The claims are that the extract of the Supreme Garcinia Max extract actually has large quantities of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is claimed to block fat and suppress appetite. Of course, there is very little evidence that actually supports this but we shall discuss that later.

Supreme Garcinia Max

Ingredients of Supreme Garcinia Max Sensation

This is an answer I would also very much like to have the answer to. I have looked throughout the entire website as well as numerous other similar supplements to see if I can get a full list of ingredients. However, aside from saying it is 100% natural and has high % of HCA derived from the Supreme Garcinia Max fruit, I couldn’t find an actual list. There is a VERY low-quality image of the back of the bottle where you can see that there is a nice list of the Supplement Facts however nothing is readable. Generally, all supplements, regardless if they say they are 100% natural or not they always have some sort of filler or chemical in it to bind the actual supplement, at the least. The fact that they are not sharing this information is more than enough for me to consider this supplement to be a SCAM.


Though, I was actually unable to find information on the rest of the ingredients in the supplement I did some added research of Supreme Garcinia Max as an extract in general in a number of medical and health websites. The extract is listed as “Possibly effective” for weight loss yet there is still insufficient evidence that it can actually help someone that is overweight drop pounds, rather as an assistant to those already in general good health that are working out and eating healthy.

How Effective is Supreme Garcinia Max Extract?

Here I found some interesting results as in the forums many claims that it is the wonder pill while others claim that it’s a SCAM. With that said I decided to go to medical websites where there are reviews by real doctors as well as popular women’s magazines where in order to publish the information it actually has to be well researched and true. I found the following information to be quite disturbing. Generally, regardless of how much they claim that the effectiveness of these supplements is confirmed, there are actually minimal trials with very few participants to actually make those claims true. In addition, even the major brands marketing the Supreme Garcinia Max Extract supplement have failed independent lab-quality as well as overall quality testing.

Either way, regardless of what the websites selling the product say, medical and health websites actually almost completely discredit the extract. Though there are some signs that it may be possible for Supreme Garcinia Max extract to help you drop some pounds, it is definitely not guaranteed and you definitely have to make a change in your diet and exercise.

Any Side Effects Supreme Garcinia Max

it is not FDA regulated or tested which means that there is no guarantee that it is effective and safe. The side effects can vary depending on several factors including the other unknown ingredients which are not listed on the official website. Also, there is no guarantee exactly how much of the extract and HCA is actually in the supplement. I did find some information on the medical and health websites I researched regarding the side effects that are possible when taking Supreme Garcinia Max extract. You can experience diarrhea, dry mouth, dizziness, and headache. There are also some doctors that warn that since the extract is not regulated patients have experienced liver problems which could lead to serious health issues. It is also recommended that you do not take Supreme Garcinia Max with the following medications:

Of course, as with another nonregulated supplement it is not recommended to take them when pregnant or breast and if you have liver problems.


My experience with Native Supreme Garcinia Max Extract

I can’t say that my experience with Supreme Garcinia Max was spectacular. Though I didn’t experience any of the possible side effects I didn’t see any drastic change in my weight over the one month period that I took the supplement. My metabolism did somewhat speed up and I spent more time in the bathroom than normal but aside from that I didn’t feel more energetic and I didn’t necessarily experience a reduced appetite. Considering that you can actually get better results by simply working out and eating healthy it is not necessary to spend $99 a month for a supplement that is simply not effective. This supplement simply looks like a scam to me.

Where To Buy?

Be warned, if you do decide to buy into Supreme Garcinia Max Sensation, read the Terms & Conditions. You do get a 15 day trial of the supplement which is fantastic but if you do not cancel by the 15th day exactly you are pulled into a planning scheme which will pull $99 plus $9.99 shipping & handling fees EVERY month until you cancel. The cancellation process is crazy complicated and it’s difficult to get anyone on the phone to actually confirm. It is imperative to read the Terms & Conditions if you don’t want to get stuck paying for something that is simply ineffective.

Pros and Cons?


  • Not made in a laboratory – comes from natural plant (the main ingredient)
  • You can try for free for 15 days by paying $4.99 shipping & handling
  • It is possible that the supplement may be effective for SOME individuals


  • Ingredients not listed
  • No real information about the supplement
  • Very complicated plan scheme that is hard to get out of
  • Free Trial is difficult to understand
  • May cause liver problems
  • Probably a SCAM

In conclusion…

Personally, I would not recommend Supreme Garcinia Max Sensation. It didn’t prove effective when I tried it and many doctors claim that it could cause liver problems. There is limited testing and there is no guarantee that the extract will have the same effect on Westerners as it has on the natives where the fruit is found. It is very expensive and considering it’s not as effective as it claims it’s simply not worth it. I do not recommend you buy into the Supreme Garcinia Max scam.


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